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Pam Manges of Wooster has dedicated the last 20+ years to fighting cancer as a volunteer with the American Cancer Society and American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). Pam has worked tirelessly to raise funds for cancer research, bring the Road to Recovery access to care program to Wayne County and advocate for cancer patients on both the state and federal level. 

In her 23 years of volunteering in the fight against cancer, Pam has found the key to success lies within our own communities where her advocacy has helped promote policies that support cancer research, prevention and access to care. In 2018, Pam testified before the Ohio Senate Health, Human Services, and Medicaid Committee in support of a palliative care and quality of life advisory council to help the state identify measures to expand access to and awareness of palliative care in Ohio. And since becoming a leadership volunteer with ACS CAN for our congressional district in 2013, Pam has worked alongside more than 600 volunteers and staff every year to advocate for cancer issues in Washington.

For Pam, all the hard work is about knowing that she’s making a difference for her community in Wayne County and people across the country by providing a voice – and encouraging others to join her – in the fight against cancer. Thank you, Pam, for all the hard work you have done to make our world a better place!


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