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America has the most talented and remarkable military on the planet, and I am proud to represent Northeast Ohio’s strong community of veterans. My grandfather fought in World War II, and through him, I know there is never enough we can do to say thank you to our vets for their service and their sacrifice for our freedom. We owe it to the men and women who wore the cloth of this nation to provide the best services and assistance possible when they return home and to civilian life. This includes improving the Department of Veteran Affairs, expanding mental health treatment options, and ensuring educational and workforce opportunities for our veterans to ensure they are well-equipped to thrive in our job market once they transition back into civilian life.

For too many veterans, navigating the world of veteran benefits can be a maze of paperwork and unknown opportunities. My office is here to help. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance navigating the VA system, please reach out to my Canton office at 330-599-7037 or click here for more information.



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