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Congress needs to work in a bipartisan manner to solve our nation’s biggest problems, including healthcare. Our current healthcare system is not working for Ohio or our nation, but a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act without an alternative plan in place is not an option. Ohioans deserve a healthcare system that puts decisions in the hands of patients and their doctors. It needs to be more affordable, more accessible and higher quality. No family should ever go bankrupt from a healthcare emergency.

Thus far, neither side of the aisle has been able to put forth any policy that will accomplish these goals and get signed into law. I intend to be a leader in moving the healthcare conversation forward and bringing new ideas to the forefront. To this end, I support a healthcare system that expands health savings accounts to put more power in the hands of patients, institutes total price transparency to create a true market-based system, reduces the price of prescription drugs while incentivizing innovation and increases competition between insurance companies by removing artificial state boundaries and providing more flexibility to the states in designing the plans that best fit their needs. I also support protecting people with preexisting conditions and retaining the Medicaid expansion that has helped Ohio fight back against our ongoing opioid crisis.



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