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Financial services firms play an important role in our economic ecosystem because of their universality. Almost every American in some manner is touched by the industry whether it is by applying for a credit card, taking out a mortgage loan, financing education through a student loan, or opening their first bank account. There are many components of our economy that we should be excited about as a country. Unemployment rates are at a historical low, we have seen stronger GDP growth, and small business optimism remains very high. However, there is still a portion of the country who is not fully experiencing these gains in real terms due to wage growth and other issues.

As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, one of my top goals is to work with my colleagues to expand access to credit through financial technology and more innovative solutions. On the committee, I am privileged to serve as the Ranking Vice Chair on the Subcommittee for Diversity and Inclusion, which provides oversight of the financial services industry for the purposes of increasing minority engagement and employment. Through this, I am fighting to bring a better understanding to the financial services industry of all segments of the population it serves, while also ensuring that the best and brightest possible applicants are brought in across the industry.



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