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Welcome to my page for students and kids! Whether you are getting ready for your 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C., working on a school project, or looking to learn more about our great democracy, the resources below are a great way to get started. You can also call my office or send me an email here with any additional questions I may be able to answer. 

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Congressional Art Competition

Congressional App Challenge

Monday Mailbag
Each week I answer one of the questions I've received from constituents in a video on my YouTube channel and Facebook page. Many of these questions come from students across our Northeast Ohio community. Watch my most recent videos below to hear my answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Fun and Educational Links
The links below include resources for various ages. Check them out to learn more about our government, Congress and Washington, D.C. 

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Learn how your U.S. Government works, about its history and your civic responsibilities by reading these pages and playing the games on this site.

Kids in the House: The Official Kids' Page of the U.S. House of Representatives
Learn about the legislative process and its effect on you. Experience the exciting world of government like you never have before.

U.S. Capitol Visitors Center Student Resources
Learn about the Capitol building before you visit with a student orientation video, online primary documents for classroom research and more.

Kids' Post
Read news just for kids at the Washington Post Kids Page.

Today in History
Do you know what happened today in history? Learn more from the Library of Congress.

America's Story from America's Library

Learn about America's story through the Library of Congress.

CIA's Homepage for Kids
Learn what it takes to be a spy, read about the history of the CIA and try on spy disguises.

NASA Just for Kids
Learn about our missions to space, new technologies and the history of our space program.

National Children's Museum
Take a tour of the National Children's Museum.

EPA's Explorers' Club
Learn about the environment and what you can do to protect it.

Smithsonian Learning Lab
The Smithsonian's official site for kids includes games and learning material about the things that kids are interested in.

The Congressional Award
The Congressional Award is a public partnership created by Congress to promote and recognize achievement, initiative, and service in America's youth. The Congressional Award provides a unique opportunity for young people to set and achieve personally challenging goals that build character and foster community service, personal development, and citizenship.




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