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Rep. Anthony Gonzalez visits Mexico border with House Problem Solvers Caucus

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For U.S. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, a nameless Honduran infant who showed up at a U.S. border crossing in McAllen, Texas this month without his parents epitomizes a national immigration crisis caused by well-intentioned policies that aren’t working out as planned. ... “If you think about that baby, there’s really only a handful of potential starting points,” says Gonzalez, who has an infant son of his... Read more »

Rep. Gonzalez Already Frustrated by Workflow in Congress

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He was number 11 on a team of 11 for the Ohio State University before heading to the NFL. But now Anthony Gonzalez is Congressman Gonzalez (R-16), and part of a team of 100 other freshmen representatives and 435 total U.S. House members. ... “You know, honestly, I don’t think there were a ton of surprises,” he said. “I had a pretty low opinion of Congress before I got here and it’s measured up pre... Read more »

President Trump's plan to address security and humanitarian needs at the border deserves more than ridicule from Nancy Pelosi: Anthony Gonzalez (Opinion)

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As the partial government shutdown enters its 26th day, I share the frustrations of all Americans who look to Congress to solve the big challenges that we face as a nation. As usual, it is those not receiving a pay check -- 800,000 people this time around -- who suffer the most while political leadership fails to forge a path forward. What the American people, and especially those 800,000 workers,... Read more »

Rep. Gonzalez statement on today’s funding vote

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U.S. Representative Anthony Gonzalez (OH-16) released the following statement after voting “no” on Thursday’s funding bill: “We have a responsibility to the men and women of this country to come together in a bipartisan manner to solve our big challenges. That starts with funding the government in a way that responsibly secures our border. The bill we voted on today was neither a compromise nor a ... Read more »



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