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Congressman Gonzalez releases open letter to constituents on impeachment vote

U.S. Congressman Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) released an open letter to constituents today following the U.S. House of Representatives vote to impeach President Trump. Read an excerpt from the letter below.

Hearsay and speculation are never enough to support the mighty weight of a presidential impeachment. The impeachment of President Trump is unique in American history because it represents the first impeachment in our nation’s history where not a single piece of direct evidence of criminal action has been presented or alleged. House Democrats are not accusing the President of breaking a single law. Rather they are accusing him of “abuse of power,” a concept so subjective that it must require the highest standard of direct proof. On this, the House majority has failed.

Taking a step back, my biggest fear for today’s vote is that we have just lowered the bar for all future impeachments such that every president hereafter will be subject to similar proceedings. We pursued a partisan process, achieved a partisan outcome, and ripped open old wounds as we engaged in a partisan war. Our conduct and today’s vote achieved the very thing that our founders sought to avoid – a political exercise that carries little weight, divides the country, and is ripe with abuse.

Find the full open letter on Congressman Gonzalez’s website here.




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