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Embrace your inner data scientist for a path forward on COVID-19

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, The Hill

Washington, May 8, 2020
Every American’s heart breaks for the families and friends who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19 in recent months. The collective pain that we have felt as a country is truly unprecedented in our lifetimes and we must do all we can to rebuild our country while working to escape the tragic realities of this pandemic.

While the flatten the curve strategy was appropriate for a period of time, in many parts of the country that time has passed as the broader public health and economic losses are reaching catastrophic proportions. Suicides, mental illness, and child sexual abuse are all on the rise while unemployment has reached over 20 percent in many parts of the country. The cost of this strategy is enormous and it is being fully realized in communities across the country.

This next phase, the rebuilding of America, will be lengthy and characterized by many fits and starts as we fight the dual threats of COVID-19 and economic crisis. As we move through this phase, it is important to reassess all that we have learned about this virus and plot a sensible path forward that ensures public health while also allowing most Americans to get back to work.


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