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Gonzalez Bills Included in House Passed National Defense Authorization Act

Washington, D.C. , September 24, 2021

Yesterday, amendments submitted by U.S. Representative Anthony Gonzalez (OH-16), were included in the House of Representatives passed version of the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The amendments are based off of four bills Gonzalez introduced during the 117th Congress.

“Supporting our nation's veterans and combatting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are two of my main priorities in Congress," Gonzalez said. "The CCP remains the greatest existential threat to our international system and we must remain proactive in our efforts to counter their malign efforts. I am incredibly pleased that four of my bills passed the House of Representatives in a bipartisan fashion. I look forward to the next steps to get these bills signed into law."  

  1. Amendment 43 based on H.R.3044, the China Financial Threat Mitigation Act of 2021

This legislation requires the Treasury Department to conduct and submit to Congress a report on any risks to the U.S. financial stability and the global economy emanating from the People’s Republic of China, along with any recommendations to the U.S. representatives at the International Monetary Fund and the Financial Stability Board to strengthen international cooperation to monitor and mitigate such financial stability risks through the work of the International Monetary Fund and the Financial Stability Board. Learn more about the bill here.

  1. Amendment 160 based on H.R. 3498, the Documenting Adversarial Trade Aggression Act

This legislation directs the Secretary of Commerce, in coordination with the Secretary of the Treasury, to establish within the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the Department of Commerce a “China Economic Data Coordination Center” to collect and synthesize official and unofficial Chinese economic data developments in China's financial markets and United States exposure to risks and vulnerabilities in China's financial system. Learn more about the bill here.

  1. Amendment 161 based on H.R. 2778, the Daniel J. Harvey Jr. and Adam Lambert Improving Servicemember Transition to Reduce Veteran Suicide Act

This legislation creates a pilot program within the Department of Defense's Transition Assistance Program (TAP) to provide mental health counseling to transitioning servicemembers, and specifically with information regarding the mental health programs and benefits at their local VA facility. Learn more about the bill here.

  1. Amendment 159 based on H.R. 3995, the Twenty First Century Nuclear Security Act

This legislation requires federal agencies to issue a report that assesses the risk to U.S. national security posed by Russian and Chinese dominance in the global nuclear energy market and to identify opportunities for the U.S. to regain global leadership. Learn more about the bill here.

  1. Amendment 218 to better prepare the U.S. Space Industry against Chinese threats

This amendment requires the DoD to provide a briefing to the civilian agencies responsible for certain aspects of U.S. civilian and commercial space activities and relevant Committees in Congress on the threats posed by nation states, in particular China’s activities in space on U.S. civilian and commercial space systems.


Also included in this year’s NDAA was authorization for funding of $8,700,000 for Camp James A. Garfield (formerly Camp Ravenna). Camp Garfield is an Ohio Army National Guard (OANG) training site located in Portage and Trumbull counties. The installation consists of approximately 21,000 acres with various small arms weapons ranges and permanent facilities to support individual and collective training events for both weekend and annual training. The funding would go towards an unpaved assault runway that would allow additional seasonal scheduled use by entire units to train for assault certification and other maneuvers. Gonzalez requested funding for the project earlier in the year.  




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