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Rep. Gonzalez statement on today’s funding vote

U.S. Representative Anthony Gonzalez (R- Rocky River) released this statement following Thursday night’s vote on the funding agreement:

“We live in a time of divided government. In order for us to govern, each side has to compromise to produce answers to our nation’s challenges. This means the bill in front of us tonight did not have the complete solution to our border challenges that I would have liked to see, but after 35 days in a government shutdown, and an additional 20 days of bipartisan, bicameral negotiation, I believe that this bill represents the best compromise we can hope to achieve. As such, despite this bill's many imperfections, I voted yes.

“I unequivocally support the 234 miles of border fencing requested for Customs and Border Patrol to do their job more effectively and humanely, and I agree that the situation at our Southern border is a national emergency. However, my fear is that any executive action to assign further funds for physical barriers on our border would set a dangerous precedent whereby a future president whom I do not support could declare a different national emergency to enact a different set of policies without the consent or the approval of Congress. While I will wait to see the full declaration to comment further, I believe this is something all members of Congress should consider deeply as we proceed further.”



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