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Rep. Gonzalez statement on voting “present” on Democrat’s resolution against the Department of Justice’s Affordable Care Act filing

Washington, DC, April 3, 2019

Today, U.S. Representative Anthony Gonzalez (R-Rocky River) voted “present” on the Democrat’s non-binding messaging resolution condemning the Department of Justice’s legal filing supporting the complete invalidation of the Affordable Care Act. After a number of similar messaging resolutions and more to come, all of which have no effect on existing laws but merely express a “sense of Congress,” Rep. Gonzalez is fighting back against partisan political games, demanding Congress work to solve real issues.

“Ohioans deserve a healthcare system that puts decisions in the hands of patients and their doctors and is more affordable, more accessible and higher quality. Thus far, neither side has been able to put forth any policy that will accomplish this and get signed into law. Instead, we find ourselves engaged in messaging maneuvers that result in zero change and zero solutions for the American people,” said Rep. Gonzalez.

“I came to Congress to work in a collaborative way with members on both sides of the aisle to deliver results for the people of Ohio’s 16th District. Instead, Democratic leadership in Washington is more focused on passing political messaging resolutions that make no actual change in law. I voted ‘present’ today and will continue to do so in this Congress as long as Democratic leadership continues wasting time at the expense of the American taxpayer. It is time Washington stops playing politics and actually work for the good of our country. Congress must take issues head on to solve our nation’s problems. Enough is enough. Let’s get to work.”

Over the past few months, Rep. Gonzalez has heard from countless constituents on the issue of healthcare through meetings, surveys, open office hours, phone calls, and a roundtable with local experts and it is clear this is a top-priority issue for the district. Rep. Gonzalez believes in a healthcare system that puts patients in the driver’s seat and ensures no family goes bankrupt from a healthcare emergency. This means expanding health savings accounts to put more power in the hands of patients, instituting total price transparency to create a true market-based system, reducing the price of prescription drugs while incentivizing innovation, and increasing competition between insurance companies by removing artificial state boundaries and providing more flexibility to the states in designing the plans that best fit their needs.

Rep. Gonzalez has also stood firm on the need to ensure coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions, joining Ohio Rep. Dave Joyce (OH-14) in introducing H.R. 383 as his first bill in Congress to keep the five clauses of the Affordable Care Act that protect people with preexisting conditions in place should the law be deemed invalid by the courts. 



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