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Veterans History Project

Northeast Ohio’s veterans have a rich history of service to our nation, and there is never enough we can do to say thank you to these men and women for their devotion to our nation. I am proud to participate in the Library of Congress Veterans History Project to help give back to our veterans and highlight their stories for our community and as part of our nation’s history. I post a clip from one of these interviews on my Facebook and YouTube pages every month as part of my #TVT, or Thank-a-Vet Thursday social media initiative to shine a spotlight on Northeast Ohio’s veterans. I encourage everyone to join me in taking time to thank those who wore the cloth of this nation by using the hashtag to recognize and raise awareness of the great history of the nation’s armed services and servicemembers. For many veterans who often feel a disconnect when they return home to civilian life, this initiative can serve as a way to share their experiences and find recognition and support here at home.

The Veterans History Project was created through an act of Congress in 2000 and invites veterans from conflicts ranging from World War I to the Iraq War to share their story through audio or visual interviews, memoirs or photographic documentation for archival with the Library of Congress. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in my Veterans History Project, please send me an email or call my Canton office at 330-599-7037.


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